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The Steel Guitar Forum
is the place where it all hangs out for steel players wanting to communicate, argue, praise, buy and sell, find out why their guitar baffles them, announce new events/gigs/sites, etc. etc. etc. It's the worldwide steel guitar community embodied online.
The Pedal Steel Pages
is the information center of b0bby Lee Quasar for the steel guitar world. Links, instruction, information, it's a must-read site.
Carter Steel Guitars
Another great informational site by one of the pillars of the steel guitar industry. Not just a selling spot for their fine guitars, the folks at Carter are educating the community about steel guitar in general at their multi-faceted website.
Steel Guitar Swap Shop
Part of the Carter Steel Guitar site that offers free classifieds for steel players to sell or buy equipment.
Brad's Page of Steel
Another of the great informational sites, this one dedicated to non-pedal steel guitar and resonator guitar.
Evans Custom Amplifiers
Okay, so I'm an endorser of this company. But who wouldn't be? The Evans amplifier is the finest amplification a steel guitarist could possibly want, with tone, character, and power. Get an Evans... life is too short.
Fessenden Guitar Company
My longtime friend Jerry Fessenden builds one of the finest steel guitars available today. His site will tell you more. I own and enjoy a beautiful Fessenden D-10, if that says anything.
George L's Products
Great accessories for steel guitar, and some of the best aftermarket pickups available.
Scotty's Music
The Godfather of Steel Guitar, he almost single-handedly created the concept of the steel guitar convention. An important source for recordings, instruction, instruments and supplies.
Jeffran Music
Ah, Jeff Newman and his wife Fran... No one promoted steel guitar education more than this fine gentleman from Tennessee, with his huge catalog of tab, tape, and video teaching courses, and sharing his philosophy of learning music. Jeff's untimely death in 2004 leaves a void, but his legacy and vast catalog of material is still available from Fran.
James Hand Band
No songwriter writes more from personal experience than this remarkable man from Tokio, Texas. A writer I consider a modern-day Hank Williams and Lefty Frizzell, James is on the verge of recognition far exceeding his loyal following in Texas.
The Cornell Hurd Band
The man Johnny Bush refers to as "the David Letterman of Country Music," the self-styled Country Music's Worst Nightmare, and the leader of the swingin'est and most outrageous band in Texas. Also my soul brother. Get his recordings... ASAP!
Jim Cohen
My friend who's a great steel player with a great solo album (Finally Here) and a great western swing band (Beats Walkin'), he asked me "so we're gonna swap links, right?" And he's got a cool website as well!
Johnny Bush
Dubbed "The Country Caruso," music legend Johnny Bush is still leading the charge for the Texas Shuffle in honky tonks, dance halls, and concert stages all over the state. His show schedule and how to get his excellent CD's is contained on his website.
Jim Loessberg Steel Guitar
Jim has an excellent series of courses teaching real jazz for the C6 tuning, as well as equally effective E9 instruction. Go to his website for lots more information and photos. He also is producing a syndicated classic country radio show.
Steel Guitars of Canada
Another excellent source for guitars, strings, equipment, albums and lesson material. And in Al Brisco one could not find a finer gentleman with whom to do business. Recommended highly.
Standel Amplifiers
Some of the most classic recordings in country music were performed through these amplifiers. Though the original Standel company stopped production in the early 1970's, the firm has been resurrected and now makes a line of wonderful "boutique" custom amplifiers based on the original designs. These babies are another choice for the serious devotee of fine tone not available with factory mass-produced amplifiers.
Texas Steel Guitar Association
The TSGA promotes steel guitar music in Texas and produces one of the best steel guitar shows today, in Dallas each year on the second weekend in March. Here's a link to the TSGA site.
Country Roots Music
The gateway to a number of music web sites featuring performers and other web resources both in Central Texas and the Americana, Roots Country, Bluegrass worlds.

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