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I've been using and recommending these great products for years now. The folks at Blitz make all kinds of polishing cloths for all kinds of metals, but guitarists and steel players need to concern themselves with only two... the String Care Kit, and the Guitar Care Kit.

The String Care Kit consists of an impregnated cleaning cloth that removes dirt, perspiration residue, and tarnish from all types of metal strings for both acoustic and electric instruments, with very little effort. Also included is a polishing cloth that allows you to leave as much or as little of the protective shield on the strings as desired. I wipe my strings down after each gig with the Blitz Cloth, and when I next set up the guitar, the strings feel like brand new. THIS IS THE BEST STRING CLEANER I'VE FOUND and I've been using them for 30 years!

The Guitar Care Kit consists of a wax impregnated cloth created specifically to polish the finish of guitars and fine wood instruments. It leaves an invisible but protective layer of fine natural waxes on the finish. Also included is a non-impregnated polishing cloth. Owners of lacquer finished, wood cabinet steels especially should have one of these kits to maintain the beauty of their guitars. Works great on formica as well, of course.

Blitz String Care Kit      $8.00 including shipping in USA

Blitz Guitar Care Kit     $8.00 including shipping in USA 

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